Truck & Transport

Our fleet of trucks are always on hand to move just about anything. Our truck and trailer units  can shift almost anything weighing up to 28 tonnes and a maximum of 15 meters in length.

We do a lot of different transportation jobs, crane hire and trucks really go hand in hand in the sense that we can move your item to where it needs to be and then install it!

Have a look below at some of our most common jobs.

Heavy haulage

If you need a machine transported from A to B in a flash then we have the gear and the know-how to get it there.

Pre-cast panel transport

We can provide transport of pre-cast panels plus crane installation all in one go.

Pool transportation

Much like pre-cast panels, if you have a pool or spa pool you need transported and installed we can easily provide the whole service for you.

Our Trucks

Mack CH470 x MTE transport trailer

Specifications overview:

Upper deck length of 4m, Lower deck length of 9m

3 Axel Low loader trailer

Maximum Payload of 25 Tonne

Trailer width 2.5 Meters

Mack Granite tractor unit x TCM quad flat deck trailer

Specifications overview:

Permitted up to 48t, 30t payload

1 X 40, 2 X 20, 1 X 20 heavy and 10FT ISO Container locks

Deck length of 15.5MTRS

Suitable for shifting containers, structural steel, portable buildings, precast concrete.