Hiab trucks

Nissan Unic Crane Truck

Specifications overview:

Nissan truck fitted with a Unic crane

Crane maximum capacity of 2.9T

truck deck dimensions of 4.6m long x 2.2m wide

truck maximum payload of 3.5 Tonne

Mercedes Actros Hiab Truck

Specifications overview:

Front mount Hiab 422 crane

Options of fifth wheel turntable, ring feeder tow couplings or 2.5 x 4.5 flat deck

Crane rated to 12T at 2.9MTR radius and 1.760T at 16.5MTR radius

Isuzu Hiab truck with winch

Specifications overview:

8×4 flat deck truck, Deck dimensions of 6.3mtr long x 2.5wide. Payload on the deck of 6.5tt

Crane lifts 7t at 5 meters radius or 1t at 21 meters radius

Has ringfeder tow coupling and can be hired with a 4 axle pull trailer with container locks and a payload of 23t